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Icon journal of joannacullen

My icons are little bits of my life. My interests are as varied as, well...they are very varied. If there is anything I can help you with don't hestiate to leave a message or email me at AshGurl2897@hotmail.com. If you do email me put something recognizable in the subject field so I dont throw it out.

Rules for using icons are as follows:

1)Please credit. If it's really gonna break your arm to do it, then don't, but you won't die and I'd appreciate it.

2)Comment and tell me what you took and why.


Pretty Simple!


Caps: How to Lose A Guy Caps by newsie__nympho

I promise I am working on a list of brushes/templates that I have/do use. Which actually is not a lot, but I am working on it. Just to be clear though, some of the better looking icons probably have involved someone elses lovely brushes or templates and screencaps! LJ Iconers rock.